Amazing In-Game Activity (Easy to play)

Fun Server to play with

We are always online. You feel like the world has ended when a game you put your heart and soul in closes. Such issues will never happen here. We are here to stay and we have managed to maintain a perfect online rate.


We know how daunting it is to start a new game, but ijji RO is a bit different. The game is very easy to start, while getting a slice of our high end features is only a matter of time. We provide exquisite beginner equipment and a top notch rental system to get you started right away.

Above everything, a game is supposed to be fun. We make sure our Ragnarok Online Server(new server) brings in a fun experience. Challenging at times and rewarding after each battle, the game experience will never let you down.

Balance Server

Vote and Quest Items (free to play)

A Well-Rounded High Rate Ragnarok Private Server(Pre-Re server), All Items, and Stats are Carefully Crafted by Professional and Experience Players.

Powerful Vote and Quest Items

About The Game




  • 20000x Base Experience
  • 20000x Job Experience
  • Item Drop: 100k / 100k / 100k
  • Card Drop: 70% / 50% MvP
  • Pre Renewal
  • Max Levels: 500 (base level) and 120 (job level)
  • Max Stats: 450
  • ASPD: max aspd 197
  • Server Timezone: GMT + 8
  • Main Language: English Malay
  • Max guild size: 15 members
  • Multi-client: disable
  • DDoS Protection and Mitigation
  • Internet/Network speed: 1GB/sec
  • Bandwidth Traffic: Unlimited
  • Guaranteed No Lag for (SEA) Players (Singapore Server)

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