Welcome ijjiRO offers a world where the old and new worlds comes together, resulting in a unique experience.

The ijjiRO-Team is working on this project with a lot of love and dedication and is incorporating the experience gained in Ragnarok into the game.

According to the motto: From Players, for Players

Npc Custom List

Server Information

Server Information

Server Opening  May 10,2020 13:00(GMT+8)
Mode Pre-Renewal
Max Level 500/120
Max Stats Normal 450
Max ASPD 197


Server Singapore
DDos Protection Enabled
Multi-Client Disable
Macro/AHK Enabled

Server Rates:

Base & Job 20000x/20000x/10000x
Quest EXP 10000x
Normal Drop Equips 50%
Normal Drops Card 30x
Drop Equips MVP 50%
Drop Card MVP 70x




Find information on a certain item.


Find information on a certain mob.


Check the date and time on the server.


Tells you where a monster spawns and how many.


Tells you what monster drops the item ID/name you search for.


Tells the experience rates of the server.


Shows the list of commands.


Takes you to a city spawn point.


 Warp to a map.


Pick up all items, or items under a certain % range.


Autoloot a single item.


 Store and remove items in your account storage.


Sends a request to any GM online.


 Leave a shop open but go offline.